Ummahani Ahmad Amin

Managing Partner Metropolitan Lawfirm

Ummahani Amin is the Managing Partner at the Metropolitan Law Firm and the Managing
Director of the Metropolitan Skills Limited. With over 17 years’ experience, she oversees
the delivery of a range of complex legal assignments at Metropolitan Law Firm, making the
firm amass a growing list of high-powered clients.
Ms Amin is also a certified PPP Expert from the Institute of Public Private Partnership (IP3)
Washington, and has significant interest and experience in Property Law, Trusts, Capital
Market Law, Communication Laws, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law, Islamic personal
Law and Islamic Financial Laws. This has made companies trust her to advise them on a
range of litigation and corporate issues. Amongst others, she serves as a company secretary
for Capegate, who are the market leaders in the innovative sourcing, aggregation, and
deployment of Micro Utilities.


She is a leading Non-Interest Finance Scholar in Nigeria, and through her brainchild -the
Africa International Conference on Islamic Finance-, Ms Amin continues to expand the
frontiers of knowledge in the industry, facilitates infrastructure development, while also
promoting financial inclusivity of a significant proportion of the African populace. The
AICIF, which is delivered annually by Metropolitan Skill Limited and other local and
international partners, have emerged to be the largest Non-Interest Finance platform in the
continent that brings together captains of industry, regulators, bankers, potential issuers,
investors and experts interested in the advancement of the Non-Interest finance ecosystem
to share experiences, knowledge and identify opportunities to leverage Non-Interest


As part of her career, Ms Amin yielded to a call for national service in 2009, when she was
appointed to serve as a Special Adviser (technical) to the Minister of State, Commerce, and
Industry, a role where she contributed immensely to, especially in promoting ease of doing
business and the facilitation of the growth of the commerce and Industry sub-sector. Prior to
this role, Ms Amin has gained a range of expertise in the investment space with Northbridge
and Trust Investment Limited, with a particular focus on complex joint ventures and
corporate transactions. This has made her an expert in the development and delivery of legal
and regulatory issue resolution in corporate environments to mitigate risk.