Hadiza Nyako

Founder The Henna Place

Hadiza is the co-founder of the first northern Nigerian luxury traditional day spa in Lagos
called The Henna Place. Seeing an opportunity in the food and drinks market, Hadiza and
her business partner Fatima Waziri Wafailu expanded and established Clay Authentic
African Food shop, a company targeted at creating and promoting demand for local African
super foods, drinks and snacks.

Prior to founding The Henna Place, Hadiza worked at the public sector division of Cardinal
Stone, a financial institution specialized in investment management. She has also worked
with Nigeria Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Authority as an internal auditor.

Following her passion for entrepreneurship and business growth Hadiza is on the board of
The Growing Woman Initiative (GWI), a nonprofit initiative targeted at helping women
grow their businesses. She also seats on the board of Sebore farms EPZ.

Hadiza is a graduate of business finance from Durham University and holds a masters in
finance and financial law from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). She is
married with two beautiful girls.